Monday, April 25, 2011

Rosette Wreath - Yay!

After a good deal of work and some sore is finished! It was so worth it to give my friend a gift I knew she would love.  This wreath measures about 22in from top to bottom and is made with about 300 paper rosettes. This one happens to be made of Twilight books. :)  I am going to make one for myself out of piano sheet music. I hope to start next week.


  1. Laura you seriously could not have made me happier with this wreath! Everything about it is perfect; from the time you put into it to make it for me, the choice of book pages you selected, the size, the color ribbon, the perfection of it!! You are an awesome friend and I LOVE IT! Thank you!!

  2. I made a rosette heart wreath.. once. It turned out so pretty, but swore to never do one again. My wrists have never recovered..