Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flea Market Day!

We had a very successful day today at the Kane County Flea Market. We had a huge list and purchased some of the big items on it. I was also very pleased with our bargains.  I have included pictures of our finds with some little notes about them.  I am most excited about one of the windows. We sold one of our message boards recently and have really missed it. One of these will be ours to keep. :)  We also have some very exciting items coming within the next month if you like "primitives" or "farm chic". It might be a VERY busy summer. It was a great day for Whimsical Perspective.
We found this on the side of the road and grabbed it right away. It is in pretty dirty but the bones are good. I am excited to see the results of some cleaning and painting.

Flea Market Finds! We were able to purchase 3 small windows, 3 large windows, 1 chair and 6 ball jars. Yay!!!

Ball Jars

These are a recent dumpster dive find. These will become a line of  "planter chairs". These will be fun.

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  1. LOVE the windows and the ball jars! Very cool!