Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dekalb Day: Part 1

I know that some of you live near Dekalb Illinois but for some of you it is probably a bit of a drive. Let me tell is definitely worth a day of fun!  Since I am off of school in the summer, I have a bit more time on my hands and one of my FAVORITE things to do is have a "Dekalb Day". They are a bit different every time and I will try and capture that with these posts. I usually tend to do this on Thursdays so that it coincides with the Farmers Markets. Here we go!
I start my day by parking my car in the lot between 3rd and 4th. I park near the laundromat because I love the smell of dryer sheets. It just makes me smile. :) Then I venture across the track on 3rd street and this is the view I get. I love the look of the old store fronts.
I always start my day at My Favorite Things. It is a packed store filled with primitives and country type items. Items at this store are very reasonably priced. I love the items in the windows and outside. They are rustic and creative. However, my favorite place in this store is the basement. It is like a year round flea market down there. I LOVE it. I went back that day to purchase a green trunk I had my eye on but it was GONE! Lesson learned...if you love it, buy it.

Next it is off to The Primitive Chick. I LOVE this store. I have purchased many items from here. My favorites are the penguins, my candle holders and my grandmothers cabinet. If you have read that post...check it out. I actually just told my grandma about it yesterday. I got the full story about that little cabinet and it was interesting.  Anyway, this store is packed with vintage, primitive and one-of-a-kind items. I so want one or two of the big furniture pieces. However, my house is out of space. When we move, Angie you watch out. I have my eye on a few things! I am currently loving the little owls in the back room. On my list.
Tons of great furniture pieces

The back of the store. You can see my booth to the right. :)
The piece I am currently drooling over.

Then it was off to Carter's Cottage. I moved my items in on Tuesday so I had to stop in and visit them. While I was there and chatting with Steve and Christie, I made my first sale!!! It was nothing major but I still had to try really hard to play it cool.  There are several items that are on my list here as well but my favorite it the little two drawer chest above. I LOVE it and you must see it in person.  Carter's has a bit of everything from glassware to vintage items to candles to primitives to fancy hats and to my stuff. Oh yes...and it has fudge! Yum! Stop in!
Finally it is off to the Farmer's Market. It was raining so my time was cut short but I would brave a hurricane for two of the vendors. The first is the Norway Farms Salad Dressings and the second it the pie lady that sells them near the purple van in the picture. I purchased Roasted Garlic Dressing and a Cherry Pie! Yay!

Normally I stop for lunch and then dessert also but the rain and my huge breakfast put a damper on those plans. Stay tuned for next week's Dekalb Day!


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