Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY: Decorative Screen

Are you looking for a fun activity for yourself or your kids this summer? Try this inexpensive decorative screen idea. Here are the steps and materials:
1. Old Screen - Free on curb or cheap at garage sales
2. Exterior paint - Mistint from Lowes $3
3. Paintbrush - any craft brush will do
4. Newspaper or poster board - whatever you have laying around

First, clean off the old screen and vacuum away the spiders.  I happened to find this screen on the curb in Sycamore. It was such a pretty color, I couldn't pass it up. Second, lay screen on the ground with paper or poster board under the area that you are going to paint. Prop it up slightly so it doesn't sit right on the paper or board. I used rocks from my flower beds. Next, choose the design you want to do. I chose stars. Paint the outline using your paintbrush and paint. Then, start dabbing the paint heavily so it collects in the holes of the screen. This will drip down onto the paper.
Finally, let it dry. This took longer that expected. It was probably about 20 minutes before I moved mine. Now display prominently in your backyard.

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea and think I may even end up hanging one from the crossbar of the pergola over my deck. Like a "window" from the deck, cool idea!