Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A sander, some primer and high temperatures! OH MY!

Yes, it is true. I picked one of the hottest days EVER to drag all of my current project outside to work on. I started early this morning so I was able to be done by 2:30. I am waiting an extra day before painting due to the humidity today. I hope to get the first step of the table completed tomorrow. Also, I would like to finish the frames (jewelry holder/cork boards) and side table. I have to run to Micheals to pick up a few items to help with the finishing process.  I am probably going to incorporate some stenciling and a bit of burlap. That makes me happy. :) I decided that tomorrow will be the day to run errands because it is going to be a yucky day. So I will garage sale, run my errands, hit up the Farmer's Market and head to one of my favorite places...the shops of downtown Dekalb!
Today I also worked on the Ammo Boxes. I added a healthy layer of Polyurethane.  I will be turning them in to cabinets for a wall. I will definitely need Ron's help with this.

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