Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Business Special: Toft Touch Soaps

I have been meaning to blog about Donna for a while but it has been a bit hectic here lately.  I met Donna at the Nada Farms Event in May. During a rain storm, she very politely and enthusiastically explained to me the benefits of goat milk soap.  After hearing the expert explain her product, I was sold!  I purchased two scents that day: Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea. They are the most delightful scents. Then I began using them on my face and fell in love with how it made my skin look and feel. Since then I have been telling everyone about them.
So I started mildly stalking ToftTouch Soaps on the internet and to my great sadness, she didn't have a webpage or Facebook page but I did find a link the the 3 Hens Market in Morris where she is a vendor. So I called up my mom and said "we need to go to Morris"!  I have to say that the 3 Hens Market is truly a delightful experience.  We had so much fun shopping the vendors, having lunch at a local diner and peeking into some of Morris's wonderful stores. It is a place that I could definitely spend an afternoon.  My mom and I visited Donna's booth and purchased a few more items. I received Tea Tree for a friend and Lavender for myself. These soaps last FOREVER so I am merely stocking up for the apocalypse because the different scents are so addictive.
If you are interested in her soaps, you can contact her at Send her an email just to say "hi".

Cute-as-a-button booth!

Donna explaining the benefits to my mom.

You can tell that she loves what she does just by talking to her.

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