Friday, June 10, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover: The Side Table Edition

I purchased this cute side table at a garage sale in Dekalb last weekend. This is a post-primer picture. I forgot to take the "before" picture which is to bad because it was pretty beat up and drawn on. It had a very 70's feel to it and that is definitely not my style. I decided it would not be possible to age or shabby chic it so I took it in a very girly direction. I hope you enjoy it.
 I am in love with this shade of yellow. I found it as a mistint and am very excited to use it often.  I added the glass knob and a girly/whimsical stencil to give it a boost of life. This would be great in a sunroom or child's room. I would use it everywhere but my husband tries to limit the amount of girly in the common areas of our house.
Purchase price: $45


  1. Just lovely! I'm a sucker for birds on anything. Did you hand-paint, or use a stencil for that?

  2. I definitely used a stencil. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby and it was really fun to do. I like to paint birds but mine are more happy and pleasantly plump.

  3. Gorgeous! I love that yellow you used...I need to remind myself to check the "oops" section before I buy more paint!