Saturday, July 2, 2011

The "smalls".

This was a very eye opening week for me in the vendor-booth business.  I was able to work at the shop two days this week and I was very excited to see how things worked, people watch and sell my stuff! However, the result of my first day at the shop was a little discouraging. Now...don't take that in the "I am sad" kind of way. I took it in the "oh, I have a lot to learn" kind of way. By now you have seen pictures of my booth or come into visit it in person. It is a lovely space. Wreaths and furniture! Yay! People love my wreaths. I normally can't keep them in stock. Not the case at the shop. Some people didn't even stop to look at my booth!!! So I began to observe them when they were in other booths. They would stop and talk about items they had when they were young, cool and re-purposed items and so on. I realized that if you are not in the market for wreaths or furniture, you had no reason to stop at my booth.

So I asked Christie (the owner) what I could do to generate interest. She said I needed more "smalls"!  Ok...of course she is right but dang, I am not sure I understand "smalls". I have a few fun smaller items in my booth, hair pins, shirt pins, gift bags and other random items. But I didn't have the right kind. Here is the problem...I don't really do "smalls". The only "smalls" I have in my house, you have all seen! Candle sticks, Ball jars and teacups. How in the world will I be able to purchase "smalls" if I don't appreciate them?!?!?!

So here is the plan. With Christie's advice in mind, I headed to some barn sales and bought some small items. She also purchased a box of old bottles for me as well. Tomorrow I am heading to the flea market with "smalls" in the brain. I place the items in the booth that I purchased yesterday and a few of them sold today! The bottles I have included with twigs and flowers and they are selling like hot cakes! I have included some pictures of my current smalls. I will update you tomorrow on my next finds. Thanks for listening to me ramble. :)

I started to lose it at the end and I got a bit silly. My booth is across from the hats. :) I am now ready for the next royal wedding.

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