Friday, July 22, 2011

This Week's Little Things

Last weekend my sister was visiting from San Diego. So naturally we decided to go to the flea market and I put her straight to work. We were in search of small items to bring to the shop. It was nice to travel and shop with someone who has a different point of view. She saw things that I didn't see.  I will blog about many of these items soon enough but today I wanted to share some smaller stools and such.

One of the problems with my booth at the store is that everything I own is the same height. Tables and Desks! I gravitate towards them and buy them. However, it doesn't make for a very interesting display. Linny and I were looking for bookcases and cupboards but didn't have much luck there. However, we did find several step stools and plant stands. Here are the first two finished pieces.

Painting the stools also gave me a chance to play around with mixing the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create new colors. The top stool is topped with Old White and Minwax polish. The base is 1 part Duck Egg and 1 and a smidge of Arles. It turned into this lovely dusty green.  
The plant stand is the perfect mixture of 1 part Duck Egg and 1 part Old White. I am in love with the tuck egg paint. These items are currently at Carter's Cottage.

Here is a hint of what I am writing about next. Just finished it and need to stage and snap a picture. Love it!

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  1. Very cool plant tray! Have never seen one like that,pretty transformations!