Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover - The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edition!!!!!

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has arrived and I am ready to finish all of my projects that have been waiting so patiently.  If you are not familiar with chalk paint, don't worry, I wasn't until a few months ago. I had read about it in other blogs and heard how fabulous it was. However, the cost of the paint and shipping prevented me from taking the first step. Oh, how stupid of me!! This paint is fabulous! I should have never waited!
Here is the rest of that friend Angie and The Primitive Chic linked up a blog article about chalk paint from a local blogger. That blogger turned out to be Christie Carter from Carter's Cottage. I then heard that Christie was going to open a store in Dekalb and try to bring the paint here!  Well, that is just what she did.  I am happy to say that the paint arrived and after a night of deliberation, I chose my two starting colors - Duck Egg Blue and Old White. I chose to start with a piece that I knew I would be keeping - just in case. :)
Ron's night stand, an old smoking cabinet, needed a serious makeover. That is what I started with today.

As you can tell it is dark and scary but also neat at the same time. The top needed some serious work as well.

Now the great this about this paint is that there is no sanding or priming. I could just start painting. It was truly amazing. I went from start to completely finished with this project in less than 4 hours. That means I could get an entire piece ready for the store in 1 day! With the school year rapidly approaching, this calmed my nerves a bit.

Here is the finished product:
I used a combination of the Duck Egg Blue and Old White. Then a coat of antiquing glaze and followed by clear wax.

I restained the top of the cabinet for a darker, more finished look. I love how it turned out.
Ok, so I can't explain how much I love this paint. However, I can tell you some quick points that are great about it.
1. Time Saver - No Sanding or Priming
2. Beautiful Colors with the option of mixing colors for more. The website gives you recipes.
3. It goes on in the color you intend it to be. Not after 4 coats.
4. It dries very quickly.
5. It sands down to an extremely smooth finish. Even my husband was impressed.

That is all I can think of now but I am sure I will blog more about it later. ;)
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  1. I love this piece Laura. Wish I was living cute! Glad this paint is awesome in so many different ways.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It turned out great! I love that you mixed the colors, too. I think the key is that you have to sand it to get a smooth finish...that's what I've learned from using it. I just posted my chalkboard, chalk paint redo, too!

  3. Renee, you are absolutely right. The best thing about this paint is the uniquely smooth finish. It is amazing. This small piece I took outside to sand becaue it create chalk dust like from when we were in school. I did a preliminary wax before I hand sanded. I had to sand the next one in my living room though. I was covered in a beautiful shade of duck egg blue. My house seemed ok. Not too dusty. I will blog about that one tomorrow.

  4. I just finished my first ASCP project. It is a table. I stained the top & painted the bottom in Old White. I haven't waxed yet...what kind of antiquing glaze did you use, and did you use AS wax or another brand? Can't quite bring myself to spend the $ on the AS wax. Thanks.

  5. I used the Lowes Brand. I mix it with water and apply with a brush or paper towel. I have found it successful and it is cheaper. However, as soon as I am finished with it, I will be purchasing the Annie Sloan wax.

  6. Hello Laura,
    Love the piece and Duck Egg is one of my favorite colors. I am a chalk paint addict.....I need a 12 step addiction program!!!!

    You will love her a glorious old world sheen.

    Keep painting!

    Janet xox

  7. Wonderful transformation. I used to have that same little table and sold it on Craig's List - darn!

  8. I simply cannot afford it and figured out years ago how to acheive the same patina ... guess I should've 'bottled it'

    my hat is off to you ... your work is beautiful

  9. This turned out beautiful!! Just popping around blog world over here and wanting to get my hands on some of that paint!!

  10. sheeesh! you rocked this piece--and it was your first CP project. very impressed over here!

    visiting from mod vintage cottage--where i also linked a CP piece!


  11. How sad. Another piece of history ruined. Ever heard of stain and varnish?