Monday, August 29, 2011

A few good wreaths for a few good friends!

I work with the 4 most amazing women in the universe and I wanted to show my appreciation by making a few great wreaths. I made one for each of our 5 rooms with our initials of our last names. I also tried some new things and did some things that I love. Oh yes... of course I forgot to take a picture of mine. It is the one with the green flowers. :)
Here are the rest:


  1. ok so I SAW these today and I meant to come up to talk to you about them. then the day got away from me! They are SO LOVELY! I love them. Really. Hint. :)

  2. I agree with the previous comment and I have no idea who that person above might be. I was actually going to make an order over the summer but didn't think I'd have room. We need to talk more, closer to my return, for a couple of wreath ideas I have. I can work on your export business. :) Very cute LB. Hint, hint but from a paying customer.