Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Na-Da Event: Part 1 - The before

We started our week long Na-Da adventure by unloading furniture and box after box of paint and smalls. We were the first vendor to move in so we were able to laugh and be silly with out worrying about driving other vendors crazy. Don't get me wrong though...Christie put us right to work!
The paint took a good deal of time to unload and organize. Our large pieces took major effort to get there and in place and the smalls had to stay clean and dust-free for the whole week!
The Paint was finally getting settled.

Pam, Mike and Travis were awaiting their nest set of instructions. I really wish this suitcase would have come home with me. ;) You can also start to see Anne Marie's decorations. She did an amazing job!

More boxes and Christie's Union Jack. Incredible!!!! You can also see Sherrie's Buffet peeking out in the back.

This is a coffee table that my husband slaved over for 2 weeks. He was so proud of the finished product. He was even more proud when it sold!!!

Towards the end of the evening, Christie was ready to be done! The amount of work she had done to prepare for this event was incredible. Not only did she paint a large amount of immaculate pieces, she did the inventory, price tags and organization. She is truly amazing.
The set up had finished and now it was time for the crowd to arrive. And what a crowd it was! Watch for part 2 to read about the amazing event once the customers arrived.
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  1. Laura! I can't believe you posted this picture!!!
    And thank you so much for your kind words! This even never would have happen if it weren't for you and Sherrie also! You girls are AMAZING!
    Love ya!

  2. event...This event never would....:)