Monday, October 10, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover - The Dry Sink Edition

I purchased this sink at a garage sale this summer and it was in pretty good shape. The cool hardware worked perfectly and the hidden drawer slid nicely. However, the top was in rough shape from the basin being removed and the stain being different. I also wasn't really feeling the dark crazy wood. SO.......Annie Sloan to the rescue. 
Can you believe I didn't have to sand or prime this piece!?!?!? Amazing!  Here is the almost finished product:

I was originally going to do it in just Arles with an Old Ochre top. As you can see, the Arles alone felt a bit bland this time. So I decided to to an Old Ochre dry brush on top of he Arles.
 I am SO pleased with how it turned out! I used a clear wax on the base but dark waxed the top. I love the worn look. I did minimal distressing because of the dry brush. That added the dimension I needed.
 I took advatage of the Nada Farms Prairie as we were loading the trucks back up. The scenery is beautiful.
This one didn't sell at the event so it is now at Carter's Cottage just waiting for it's forever home. Did I mention that Carter's Cottage also sells the full range of Annie Sloan Paints? Christie is also gearing up for her first classes. I can't wait!!



  1. Nice job. I'm a big fan of drybrushing. It adds so much. I know Christie. I'm sure her class will be a hit.

  2. that turned out so cute! love the color. like rosemary, i like drybrushing, too! it has such a great effect!

  3. I'm working on a dry sink right now! I don't have chalk paint though, so mine's currently sanded & primed waiting for me to paint it this weekend... I love the color you chose! Mine will be light green, & I plan on dry brushing white overtop then distressing & glazing. I've been drawn to non-white pieces lately & this is a great one, so pretty! I'm pinning yours to Pintrest too... there's not enough dry sinks on Pintrest :)

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