Monday, October 24, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover: The Happy Birthday Console Table

Ok, so my entire summer was consumed by garage saling, picking and resale shopping. I came across almost everything. So when my friend Niki mentioned that she was looking for a skinny console table to place under some picture frames in her dining area, I said to myself, "This will be the perfect gift for her! I will find one, paint it and gift it."
Easier said than done. I scoured and searched and even had some of my shop friends on the hunt too! Then the Na-Da event happened and low and behold this console table appeared! After the craziness of the event and we were all packing up, this piece was hidden and used strictly for display. My friend Christie immediately called me over to look at it and I immediately bought it.
I got it home started working on it. It had a few flaws but I knew I was painting it so I didn't worry about it.
I used her rustic, shabby picture frames as inspiration. I used a combination of ASCP Old White, Louis Blue and French Linen. Then I finished it with Clear and Dark Wax. I also sanded it heavily.

So...Here is the finished product:

I used a sander instead of my normal sanding block. Wow! What a difference and so much easier!

I used a Q-tip to get the paint into the grooves. It was the perfect size.

I taped off the original lines on the top and did a Louis Blue rectangle with a dry brushed French Linen.
I hope you like it (I hope Niki likes it too!).
Here is a sneak peak at next week's makeover.


  1. this looks ahhhh-mazing! how do you find the time to do this AND TEACH? i'm impressed!

    can't wait to see what you do with the next one!


  2. Love this piece! Using the q-tips, what a great tip!

  3. Q-tips! Who woulda thunk it! Great idea! And gorgeous table!! Question on the dry brushing. I did it on an end table recently and I really liked the look of it, but it felt rough to the touch (used ASCP). Felt like I had to sand the surface to get a smoother feel. What do you do? Thanks!

  4. Oh my great is that transformation! I love the new colors and what a great paint job you did! I'm always in awe when a dark piece of wood is transformed into something light and distressed. Yours was a professional piece of work! Stopping by from Mod Mix Monday. Have a great week!

  5. Awesome paint job and makeover. The new piece really opens up the space!

  6. That table looks wonderful, I hope I get to see what the next item up will look like after the makeover.

  7. This looks great! What a terrific find.

  8. WOW. that is just beautiful! the colors, finish, the caning..... hang on, let me wipe the drool from my mouth before i go on!

  9. I love this piece! Caning is a favorite of mine! Great idea to use q-tips too! I'm a new follower! I love your blog and projects too!

  10. This turned out wonderfully! I'm sure she will like it, what a wonderful gift!

  11. BEAUTIFUL re-do, and what a wonderful gift for your friend...she'll be BEYOND thrilled!

    Deborah (happily visiting from you'll stop by too...)

  12. OMG I love this table! You did an awesome job!

  13. I didn't notice the blue in the other picture I am not surprised she loved it!

  14. B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L.!! I love the subtle dual colors. I wish I could find pieces like that here in the desert:(