Monday, October 17, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover: The Parlor Table Editon

I bought this elegant Parlor Table from that same wonderful man in Rockford. It has great shape and cool feet. However, the top wasn't in great shape and it is leather. I wasn't quite sure how to attack it but I knew the chalk paint could handle it!
I chose the new ASCP color of French Linen. I love it. I set out to paint my first coat and it went on nice and smooth but there was a slight bleed through were the leather met the wood. I sealed it with a clear shellac and applied coat number 2. Now normally that was all I would do but the leather was a bit crackly. My friend Christie has been playing around with different finishes with the paint and actually messing with it when it was almost dry. I tried it. I took a small piece of cardboard and moved the paint around a bit and created a slight texture that camouflaged the leather and added more depth to the piece. Then I added the stencil and here it is:

Here it is at the Na-Da event! It is now currently at Carter's Cottage.


  1. Ok, can I just say how much I love this table! And the scroll work on top~ LOVE IT!

  2. Love that swirly scroll work on the top of the table! And the color...fantastic!

  3. That is gorgeous. I love French linen, too. Love the added stencil.

  4. it's soooooo lovely!

    come visit anytime--and hope you will enter my shabby chic giveaway:



  5. Mmmm...such a lovely soft green too...beautiful!

    Deborah (visiting happily from you can stop by and say hi...)

  6. Really cute and so much better don't you think?

  7. LOVE IT!! Coco & French Linen are my 2 favorite colors.

  8. Love the color. Love the stencil! A really great piece. Visiting you from Amber Shades.