Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a bit of stenciling...

When I received my package from Cutting Edge Stencils I was very excited to find an extra stencil for "just for fun" activities. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to use it until I went to my workspace and saw 2 empty picture frames that needed something amazing on the inside.
Cutting Edge Stencils has beautiful all over stencils, wall decor stencils and even classic or fossil stencils. However, I wasn't ready for anything to large yet because we are moving into a new house in 5 weeks. The little stencil is just what I needed. So here is what I did:
I placed my frame on top of the fabric I was thinking of using. I wanted to make sure it would look appropriate.
I traced the back of the frame to make sure I had the correct size and shape.

Then I cut slightly inside the line to allow for wiggle room.

Then I placed the backing and fabric inside the frame and screwed it back together.

Then I laid the stencil on the fabric and placed it where I thought it should go. I am a total eyeballer. I hardly ever measure. I just try my best.
Then I grabbed my favorite color, Duck Egg and I began stenciling.

Now they are placed with a few of my favorite things. It added texture and fun to my display. I LOVE IT!
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  1. So beautiful! I love the colors!! I am re-doing my bathroom blue and white, almost these exact colors! Thanks for the inspiration.