Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Very Whimsical Christmas: The Preview

The Elves have been working hard at Carter's Cottage. I am apparently the last Elf to get working. This last few weeks had hit me like a speeding train. From Na-Da Farms to Parent-Teacher Conferences to Kane County Flea Market and now on to Carter's Christmas, I am totally worn out! I can't wait to January. ;)
Here is the view of my space at
 Carter's Cottage. I spent last night and this morning tearing it down and putting it back together. 
I feel like it has been a long frustrating ride on the Christmas Sleigh. I must have made 5 or 6 ornaments that didn't work out like I thought they would. However, I finally came away with 1 really great design.

I have decided on one really good ornament design this year. I feel quality is better than quantity. So here is the official Whimsical Perspective Ornament for 2011:
It measures roughly 6 inches around. The first round will contain antique jingle bells. However, I will continue to make others with slightly different bells.
Stay tuned because I will be showcasing a new Christmas item each day this week leading up to the big Holly Days Event in Dekalb this weekend!


  1. Looking forward to the countdown... A BT in DTown is needed so a proper shopping experience and dining can be had this holiday season. Looking forward to hearing about the weekend!

  2. Your Whimsical Ornament looks great, and so does the Christmas decor. It was nice to meet you at Kane. Have a great Open House.