Monday, November 28, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover and A Winner!

Congratulations SherryD at Funky Junk @202!
I cant wait to see what you choose! I will help get you in contact with Cutting Edge Stencils.

So remember when I posted this beautiful stencil as my project stencil?
I totally lied and posted the wrong stencil. Pretty awesome for my first sponsorship right? I can only apologize and move on. :)
This is the stencil I requested and received. I am so happy with what I chose. It fit the project perfectly.

Here is the coffee table I have been hanging onto for a while. I didn't have a vision or direction until I started looking through the Cutting Edge Stencils webpage. I wanted to create a muted but fun color pallet so I chose French Linen, Versailles and Old Ochre.

I painted the table and let the base color dry completely. Then I taped on my stencil and began stenciling. I chose not to use a roller because I was using multiple colors in a small space. I was surprised at how quickly the process went. After seeing how easy this was, I can't wait to try their wall decor stencils or a all-over wall stencil.

This is what it looked like with both colors applied.
After the stenciling was done and the paint was completely dry, I took the table into my sanding room and sanded away. Then I applied the wax and it turned out beautifully.

 I turned the stencil and added a little flower to each of the folded leaves.

As life would have it, my camera broke this week. It was old and needed to be replaced but I was hoping it could last until Christmas. It did not. These photos were taken with my husbands iphone and I am pleasantly surprised how they turned out. However, my new camera should be arriving this week and I will do an official "photo shoot" and repost this table soon. Think of this as "before" and "almost-after".

My official review of Cutting Edge Stencils will come when I do my fancy shots.

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  1. oh now that is so pretty!! great job!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Very Pretty! Stencils are my friends :)
    -Jill @ Junky Vagabond

  3. looks great. I still need to try this...thanks for some inspiration!

  4. Don't you just love Annie Sloan paint? It turned out fabUlous!


  5. Wow, love that stencil. And I REALLY love your rug! The two look great together. Can you share where you found the rug?