Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worky Work, Busy Bee.

I am sure that I don't have to remind my crafting/small business friends what a busy time of year this is. I am a bit new to this but I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the crazy that is the Christmas season. However, I was wrong but wrong in a good way.
My custom orders all lined up neatly. Yep, you are right, that is a corrugated metal wall. My husband installed them in our basement for good looks and functionality.

The shop is busy - That is what we want.
Custom orders are rolling in - That is what I want.
My blog is getting more popular everyday - Exactly what I want.
Did I mention that I am also a First Grade Teacher? My students are well-behaved, good learners and I jump out of bed every morning excited to spend the day with them.
So, all in all, life is a bit hectic but I am loving it and could not ask for more. And then there was this....

We are currently packing up the house and moving into our "forever home".  Who does that?!??!?!  Who moves in the middle of Christmas Crafting Season (imagine all of the glitter and fluff that needs to be in boxes)? Who moves in the middle of the school year? Me, that's who.
Just the thought of attempting to pack some of this stuff gives me a headache. However, I am going to try to pack all of the hard and overwhelming stuff first. That way I will find the end much easier. :) I will let you know how it goes.

So today I sit at my computer, before my husband is even out of bed and try to make it all manageable.  I think I have got it all handled. Hopefully life with help out and not throw anything crazy my way in the next few weeks. I am strictly in survival mode.

Last but not least, don't forget to enter my Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway. Today is the last day.