Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Custom Order - Cream Wreath

Ok...time to be honest...I love making wreaths almost as much as I love painting furniture. I love seeing them hang on the door. I love the challenge of making it look new. I love everything about it. 
So I was sad when my wreaths didn't take-off at Carter's Cottage. I had sold a ton before I started there and several on ETSY since. I assumed they would fly off of the shelves. 

They did not. I stopped making so many because they were just sitting there. I was sad. 
Then Christmas Time rolls around and the special orders come pouring in. 
Remember this guy? I did matching wreaths for a wedding a few weeks back and they were beautiful. 

Then I was on to a cream one. Since it was just one color, I chose to add a shear fabric in between the cream fabric to give it some depth.
It turned out beautifully. 

I guess I have learned that wreaths are very seasonal. I will make a bunch in the Spring, a few in the Fall and wait for the custom orders to roll in at other times.

To view my wreaths in stock, please visit my ETSY page. 


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  1. I think your wreaths are lovely,I used to make a ton of wreaths years back out of dried flowers from my garden,if you go on my blog under CRAFTS youll see the only one I have left its now in my craft room on the wall:)Give it time it'll pick up again,Deidre~