Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Whimsical Makeover - The 1930's China Cabinet Edition

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Now, on to my makeover!

Do you remember this piece from a few weeks ago? A few people mentioned that looked great already. It does look beautiful in this photo but photo's can be deceiving.  

 The veneer had peeled off in more than one location and the beautiful scroll work on the glass was about as brittle as thin ice. It cracked when I touched it and had to be removed. I was really sad to do that because it added such interest to the piece. However, I never want to sell a piece that isn't sturdy and durable. The scroll work would have broken if it was sneezed on. So I peeled and painted, and painted and painted and  it is finally done!  
I am so pleased with how it turned out!! I used Coco and Old White with a wash of French Linen. The was was a little scary at first.
The Wash - Before Wiping
I painted the whole thing with Coco and then brushed a watered down version of the French Linen. Then I quickly wiped it off. This created wonderful depth to a flat piece. I also had some fun with my camera and close-up shots. :)
You can see how the French Linen got into the grooves of the piece.

Normally, Chalk Paint leaves a very smooth surface but this was intended to be a bit rougher for the wash. It was also a difficult piece to sand in all areas.

I played with the textures that I learned at the Annie Sloan Paint Class.
I Love the hardware too!

This was officially my last painted piece in our Ball Avenue house. I must now pack up my paints and wait to close on the Chauncey Street house. I will miss this house but look forward to the character of an old house and more room for my business. Please follow my blog if you are interested in hearing more about the upcoming renovations of my new home.



  1. So pretty! I definitely LOVE it better with its new makeover :) Great Job!

  2. WOW! I really LOVE the finished product,just lovely,thanks,Deidre~

  3. Very nice!! I'm surprised by how beautiful this old piece is painted as you did it. I've seen some that are just awful after paint. Kudos!!

  4. Just love what you did with this piece!!! Color combo is great...

  5. that is so cute! i love the details and those colors!

  6. your close up shots are fabulous!! great job--yet again! i've used a sample of the coco and love the earthiness of the color.

    best of luck with your mood....can't wait for the house tour!

  7. What a gorgeous piece! You did an amazing job with it :) I love the details too, great photos!

  8. What a shame the curvy part on the window was brittle. Still it looks really great.

  9. Hi Laura, I love the makeover. Your piece is more detailed than mine, and I love the details. I'm still deciding what to do but I have an idea in mind so stay tuned. Thanks for the comment. Kathy, Petticoat Junktion.

  10. oh, forgot to ask, couldn't tell from the photos. Is the inside painted? Kathy

  11. Just beautiful, but a terrible shame about the loss of the beautiful scroll work. It's awful sometimes trying to fix an old piece and lose so much of the character, but it's so often unavoidable. I can't help but wonder if maybe..... have you considered "restoring" the scroll work by perhaps duplicating it by etching it directly on the glass, or applying a "frost" vinyl to achieve the same look? Just a thought... Going to have to follow you now after seeing such amazing stuff here!

  12. I just found your blog at Power of Paint. I love your work and the tips you are giving about painting in the few posts that I have read so I will be following you so I can read more about your upcoming renovations. I would love for you to check out my blog today if you have time.