Saturday, January 14, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things... (No. 4)

***Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens***
***Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens***
Well, now that I have created the mood, I would like to present my  Favorite Things Feature. Every week, I am amazed at the talent of my friends in blogville. I would like to help these amazing people showcase their talents by sharing what has blown me away. 
If you are as impressed and I am, please visit the blogs of these talented ladies and tell them I sent you. 
I hope you enjoy what I have found. 
1. I am not sure I need to really say much about this lovely chair from Silver Pennies.  Duck Egg and Old White...pretty much my favorite color combination. I love the crispness of it. I love the dash of white on the spindles. I love the stencil on the back. Love the whole thing!!!
2. I have eyed this hutch for MONTHS!!! I love the brightness of the project. The color combination is fabulous and really enjoy the fabric backing. The Shabbiest Chick did an amazing job. This will most likely inspire a future project.
3. It All Started with Paint has definately inspire my summer project. I am obsessed with painting some piece of flooring in my house. I will probably start with the front porch now that I see how this can change the look of your house. Wonderful color and precision!

4. I am always looking for a new color inspiration and Never Enough Thyme Creations has given me that. I love the detail and the way the accent color was placed. This shows that you don't have to worry about red and green looking like Christmas.
5. Wait for it...Wait for it...Here it is!!! My first look at Barcelona Orange! Thank you Lily Field Furniture for being brave enough to use it first. ;)  I met Heidi at Christie Carter's Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Class. I love seeing how she is using our new knowledge of the paint!

I hope you have liked this weeks favorites. View some of my favorite in my Portfolios. 


  1. Laura,

    Thank you so much for featuring me! I have the utmost respect and admiration for teachers. And I loved your word of the year choice.

    I've been gathering a list of fellow Chicago area bloggers and putting them on my sidebar ... and will be adding you too. We're actually looking into getting together for dinner downtown, so let me know if you're interested ...

    Finally, I wanted to let you know about our "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge and Jan. 31 link party. I hope you can join in. Here's the link ...



  2. Laura, thanks so much for including my little chair in your favorites. It means to much to be featured! Duck Egg and Old White are currently my favorite combination, but I just got some Provence so we'll see if I change my mind.

  3. Thanks Laura for featuring the buffet! I can't wait for you to try to Barcelona- so much fun!! So glad to have met you last year!