Saturday, January 14, 2012

Word of 2012

Word of 2012...That could be so many different words. 2011 was such a crazy year for me that I was having trouble focusing my 2012 brain on one word. Maybe that is how I came across the PERFECT word..

Let me explain:

1. Perspective means that this will be the year I build my business into what I dream of it being. - Whimsical Perspective
2. Perspective means to create things that others will love, as seen through my eyes.
3. Perspective means organizing my life into what make sense and what is important.

Join me in creating a word of the year. We will all be sharing them at The Lettered Cottage.

This year I will put things in perspective.


  1. so many good words. Yours hits the nail on the head. Especially liked the part about organizing your life to your perspective. I'm trying to shed stuff and get my life in order too.

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration! You are right, we all need to keep everything in PERSPECTIVE!

  3. Wonderful choice of words! Blessings on having and keeping perspective in this new year.