Saturday, February 4, 2012

I did a bit of shopping today...

In the spirit of getting Whimsical Perspective off to a great 2012 start, Ron and I headed off to Joanne Fabrics to purchase fabric for project that is in the works. Now, yes there is a Joanne in my town. It is very nice. However, the one in Geneva is next to a DSW. Can you guess which one we visited this morning? Oh and did I mention the Home Goods next door also? Then there is The Loft in that area too.

So, I went for fabric but I came home with so much more. :)

I am so happy with my Whimsical Perspective purchases today.
1/2 off these great knobs!

Fabric for my newest project. Doesn't the color look nice with that fabric? Too bad they aren't going to be together.
I am also thrilled with my Home Goods purchases. Normally when I go to a store like this with my husband, it is not the most enjoyable experience. He and I can have slightly different styles. So when I picked out the girly tea towels, I knew he would make a face and walk away. Guess what?!?!?!? He LIKED them! I also purchased a few new bamboo spoons for cooking (which I am going to start trying soon).
I also came way with a new pair of shoes from DSW and pants from The Loft. All of this and home by noon. I felt very productive.


  1. Thanks Hubby for making such a nice trip for wifey!

    You get special "points" for being a great guy for Valentine's Day, I'm sure!

    (PS, love the pix of the new kitchen)

    Smiles, Suzanne
    Follower, from Sauk Valley area also in IL- NW IL)

  2. yes, i'm spending my saturday night catching up on blog reading.... and i'm sorta proud of it!!

    where were the knobs from, home goods?? i LOVE them!!