Friday, February 3, 2012

My Kitchen Cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

**Check out my 18 month follow-up. Find out how they have held up HERE.**

If you follow my blog, you know that I am an avid user of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. So when it came time to remodel our kitchen, we knew that chalk paint cabinets was the direction to go. My husband and I happily divided the tasks. He would handle construction and installation. I would handle the cabinet painting, kitchen design and appliances. Our theme for the room is "Farmhouse Chic" and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Now...the cabinets.
I would like to add a bit of disclaimer here. I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I really don't ever want to use anything else. That said, it is easier for me to use ASCP. My booth is at Carter's Cottage, our local Annie Sloan headquarters. I understand that if you have not tried it and it is difficult to come by in your area, you might be hesitant. I was the same way until Christie became a stockist and my go-to paint girl. However, knowing what I know now, I would order it in a heartbeat.

Ok, here is my list of supplies:
2 cans Old Ochre
2 cans French Linen
1 jug Lacquer*
*I will get to that soon.

I began the process by wiping down all of the cabinets to remove any grease from the stove. The former owners were very clean so this was pretty easy. Next, I began my normal painting routine, just as I would a piece of furniture. I prefer a brush for most projects but for the size of this one I used a brush and a roller. The trim around the cabinet doors was very easy to paint and went on smoothly in one coat. The doors were a bit trickier do to curves and notches. We painted over a 3-4 day span but it could have been done in 1-2 if I had taken a day off. It went very quickly.

Once the desired amount of paint was used on the cabinets, I began my normal sanding process. 400 grit sandpaper on a hand sander. I sanded everything to my desired look. Again, our look is "Farmhouse Chic" so brush strokes and imperfections were welcomed. We lived in the dust for about a week. It wasn't terrible but I don't really want to do it again. ;)

So now the question was...Wax or Lacquer? I use Annie Sloan Wax on 99% of my projects and have really liked the result. However, I was hesitant to use it on these cabinets because of questions of durability and time involved. I couldn't imagine hand waxing all of it 3 times. UGG!! So I posted a question on Annie Sloan's wall to ask that question: Wax or Lacquer? She said wax is the way to go. However, after further conversations with my paint guru Christie, I decided on the lacquer. That being said, my friend Sherrie from A Ruffled Nest used the wax on her cabinets and is loving them.

I began the Lacquering process by using a foam roller but didn't feel comfortable with it. I couldn't get it to stop bubbling. I then switched to my trusty small detail paint brush. It is about 1/2 inch wide so the process was slow going around the trim. However, I felt more comfortable. For the doors I switched to a larger brush but didn't like the feel so I went back to my 1/2 in. It was again, SLOW GOING.

At first, I was nervous about the finish. It slightly tinted the Old Ochre and brush strokes were evident at the beginning but I got that figured out as I went. I waited for it to dry and then put another light coat on and touched up any areas I missed. I am still seeing places that I need to touch up. I think I was nervous because I have been waxing so much that a poly type product seemed very foreign.

As for the color, it tinted it into a more rustic look. For our purpose it turned out great! I love it. However, If I wanted a white, shabby chic kitchen, I don't know if it would be the best choice.

Now the question is...durability. It is a floor lacquer made for high traffic areas. It should be very durable but only time will tell. I will post an update every couple of months.

***Tonight is a full week since the lacquer has been applied and it seems to have settled. Some areas in which I was contemplating sanding down again, no longer have brush marks. I am so pleased with the finish.

So...All in all, I am extremely thrilled with my colors, the paint and the finish. I would definitely do it exactly the same way if I had to do it again.


  1. wow thats a lot of work and patience, lovely kitchen, enjoy.

  2. It looks amazing! It is well worth all of the time put in. Great job!

  3. I love the wooden countertop too! Good choice :)

  4. Good to know! I was thinking of using the AS paint on my cabinets but I'm not sure. I would go with the wax I think.

  5. You might want to consider painting the space above your cabinets in the same color----so it gives the illusion of height and all one unit. Looks amazing! You did a wonderful job

  6. How are the cabinets holding up? I'm really curious about the lacquer. I don't particularly want a "shabby chic" look, so I wondered about brush strokes - are they very apparent?

  7. i love your kitchen. i did mine in similar colors but i wish i would have gone with a floor color more like yours than the dark color we put in...

    the countertops look great too!!

    xo, cindy

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  9. You did a beautiful job! Isn't is amazing what paint can do? I, too, love CHALk PAINT and we are thrilled to have just become retailers. Your wood countertops are beautiful, too. What type of finish did you use and how are they holding up to every day use?

  10. The chalk paint gave your kitchen a vintage look. You even matched it with a wooden floor and wood countertops which completed the time-worn appearance. The simplicity of your kitchen is definitely its beauty.

    Carlene Legrande

  11. Hi,
    What lacquer did you use? I want to do the same thing but cant find an annie sloan lacquer available anywhere.

  12. I plan on painting our kitchen but never thought of using chalk paint! It looks amazing, I love how it turned out! I can't get ASCP around here, but I have made my own to do projects. Never having used Annie's paint, I'm still playing with the recipe, trying to get the right consistency. I will be looking into using chalk paint for my kitchen when we finally get to it.
    Thanks for this post
    Debbie :)

  13. I love your kitchen!!! Where did you purchase your butcher block?

  14. Just finished painting my cabinets with ASCP Old White and am happy with the results so far. First coat of wax on it and I'm about to distress - which I'm scared about. Then a couple more layers of wax and it should be good to go. I love how rustic and natural the cabinets are looking.

    Love your colour combinations too!

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  17. Did you water down the lacquer? Would you suggest watering it down a little for ease of use?

  18. Yes it is looking very nice.Thanks for sharing this post.

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  19. Thanks for your tips on the ASCP and the lacquer. I am going to be using both on my kitchen island in the next few weeks and your tips answered my questions about the lacquer.

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  21. Hello, I love your remodel, but I am hesitant to use chalk paint on kitchen cabinets. Is this durable? Thanks!

  22. Waooow!!! Really very cool site of blogs. You can imagine what you have done for me.

  23. I think that the cabinets that you have painted with AS chalk paint is looking pretty good but will it work for me too the same way?

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  24. There are so many varieties in wooden kitchen worktops, that sometimes it has become hard to choose the best one for my home. I am fascinated with the colors and designs of worktops available in the market.

  25. Nice Job! What brand of lacquer did you use? ty:)

  26. good job for interior works

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  27. I am about to paint my cabinets with Chalk Paint. I have never used her paint before but I have heard the rave reviews! I have seen where it needs to be watered down a bit. Did you do this when you painted?

    1. Please send an email with the response to

      Thank you!

  28. Ashley,
    I've been using chalk paint on a number of pieces (not kitchen cabinets, but furniture). Watering down is usually done on the last or final coat to eliminate brush strokes and get a smoother, more contemporary finish, otherwise it's not necessary to water it down at all. In fact the beauty of chalk paint is that it is substantial enough to almost always cover on the first coat.
    The only thing I would be careful of is the type of protective coat you use for your cabinets. I would hesitate to use wax where the cabinets would be exposed to heat (such as over a microwave or stove). Wax melts a lot easier and could become a sticky mess when trying to clean cabinets later on. I believe the lacquer would be a better choice there. Good luck!

  29. A lovely transformation, ASCP is the best!

  30. wow! I do really love your kitchen cabinets! I love applying it on my newly renovated kitchen!

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  32. I've been wanting to chalk paint and lacquer my kitchen cabinets - my neighbor used the wax last year and her's is chipping like crazy. How are your lacquered cabinets holding up? Thanks for the blog!