Friday, February 24, 2012

Treasure Hunting: Job Well Done!

Since today is a Snow Day and I am officially off of school, I thought I would take full advantage of it. I was planning to go to "Pam's Favorite Things" sale tomorrow but instead I went today. Boy am I glad I did! Check out my new favorite things!
Amazing Tool Box

Large 3 Level Display

Large Wicker Basket

Sizeable Decorative Mirror - I can't wait to paint it!

Old Buffet Mirror

Iron Plant Stand - Waist High
Wonderful Industrial Stool for our kitchen - Purchased at Josie's a few weeks back.
This is a nice mix of items. Some will stay at my house and some of it will go to the shop. Deciding what goes and what stays will be tricky. I also purchased a beautiful pine cabinet that we will be picking up tomorrow. :) Happy Day!

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  1. Oh, great finds! Now that looks like a great way to spend a day off. We had a snowy and slushy day today, but only buses were cancelled so we had to trek in to school.