Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't hold your breath.

Normally, I am a furniture and craft blogging person. Today I branch out and expose my personal side for a moment. It's family time!
If you are waiting for another furniture showcase this week...don't hold your breath. ;)
I am taking a few days off to celebrate something very special with some very special people. 
So instead of painting and sanding and gluing and typing...I will be wishing my Grandpa Ray a happy 90th birthday. I will be with my whole family down in the delightful town of Pontiac, Illinois. The whole gang will be home! 
Here are a few pictures of our last get-together...Christmas.
My dad and the Man of the Hour!

Always sharply dressed.


Happy Couple - Grandma and Grandpa

My sister and her husband


My mom and My Grandma

So...if you can just wait a little longer for another painted piece...I promise not to disappoint. (It's Paloma!)


  1. Enjoy your family time! Your Grandpa looks sooo much younger than 90!

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