Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Flea Market : Day 1

Kane County Flea Market:
Laura Bright - Whimsical Perspective
Christie Carter - Carter's Cottage
Sherrie Larkins - A Ruffled Nest
Rachel Polly - My Vintage Verve
Day One of Kane County is under our belts and we are exhausted!
We arrived at 8:00ish this morning to wait in a very long line. 
 At around 9:20 we made it to our space and began unloading. It always surprises me how much stuff we bring and how big of a mess we can make. ;)

 After about an hour of arranging and rearranging, we were set and ready for business. Christie Carter is truly the queen of staging. She see's things differently that I do and her way is prettier. :)
Here is how she was able to blend all of our styles.

Beautiful! We sold a good amount today but still have some amazing items left. I am also bringing a truck load tomorrow. There may or may not be a lavender dresser in there. ;)

I also did a fair amount of shopping. I will show and tell tomorrow.


  1. Hi Laura!! How great!!!! I wish I could had made it

    is that cabinet still for sale that has the fruit and is all chippy??
    who's is that? and how much

    talk soon ;)

  2. Wish I lived closer. Your stuff looks fantastic!

  3. You are too kind Laura! Thank you for your sweet compliments! :)