Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinterest Who?

Hi. My name is Laura and I am a magazine junkie. It took me a while to admit it but I finally made that first step. Each week when a different magazine arrived, I would run to the mailbox with such joy. 

Ok...Still do. I love to snuggle up with the new Better Homes or Flea Market or Cottage Style.  For each month I would feverishly flip through the magazines searching every photo for inspiration. If I found something, I would fold the corner in. In a month or so, when I knew I had exhausted every inch of the magazine, I would go back and cut out the pictures that I wanted to keep. 

Kids, this was before Pinterest existed. We used to have to walk up hill in the snow both ways to get a good inspirational piece. 

Here is what happened to my photos:
I organized the photos into 3 different books: Our Home, Whimsical Perspective, My Look Book.

My Home book contains items for our houses. It is interesting how many ideas that worked in our 1950's house now can be tweaked to work in our 1918 house.

My Whimsical Perspective Book contains ideas for crafts, furniture pieces and staging ideas. I look through this at least once a week. This is by far my most useful tool.
My Look Book contains outfit and accessories. I love this book. Once upon a time, I wore clothes that were not covered in paint. I would buy beautiful garments and use this book to help me put my outfits together. I am not doing that as much anymore.
Now I store these items in a place where they are always easily accessible.
 Pinterest is great but my system is close to my heart. I love the feel of a paper book in my hands. That must be the teacher in me. :)


  1. I'm a book lover as well. I'll never give up my magazines! Unfortunately I can never bring myself to cut them up so I've got boxes and stacks all over

  2. I love your look books! i agree there is nothing better that sitting down with a good magazine!


  3. I love Pinterest but your books are amazing. I like things that you can hold and touch!

  4. I so needed to read this today...I am struggling with what to do with all my inspiration clippings, are your organized in the books into finer categories or no?

    How do you organize the photos of your pieces? i.e. portfolio? do you have a method for that?