Friday, March 9, 2012

Time to get personal: Family Time!

I mentioned last week that I usually choose to write about items I paint or create. That is most of what my life is right now so for me it feels personal. However, family time trumps all! So today I am going to post about my wonderful family weekend.
Last weekend, my grandfather turned 90. My family decided to throw him a surprise party (that he knew all about). However, he played it off well when his friends started walking in the door. For the next 2 hours, my grandfather was the center of attention. It was nice to see a large group of close friends (especially at that age) that were able to get together to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy my brief photo journey. 
The Man of the Hour: Ray
 My grandfather always commands attention. He is usually the life of the party. ;)
My parent's house was filled with his closest friends (my grandmother is standing and watching my grandpa put on a show).

 Drinks were flowing and we all celebrated. Here is my sister, husband and dad trying to act casual for the photo.
 My grandmother listened as my grandpa gave is impromptu (totally planned) speech.

 My friend Chris from Cookie Crumbs made these delicious and beautiful cookies.

 We had a great night eating cookies and cake. My husband was a happy man.
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 I had some much needed "sister time" with Linny who flew in from San Diego. We had one of our classic adventures that only we can get ourselves into.

Me, Ron, Uncle Tim, Aunt Gayle, Grandma Fern, Grandpa Ray, My dad: Reid, My Mom: Denise, My sister: Linny

My Family Weekend - Pretty perfect in my eyes. :)


  1. Oh what a precious and special time. I am so happy you could all be together. My dad lived to be 91, but when he turned 90, I flew to San Diego and it was just me and him. Special and precious to me, but so wish it could have been a big party. Your pictures are priceless. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a great celebration. I cannot believe he is 90...sure doesn't look it!