Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's mine!!! All mine! - My Grown-Up Blog

I am pleased to announce that I am now officially! 

Christie of Carter's Cottage urged me make the change over. I am glad that this site name is now officially mine. I feel so important and grown-up. ;)

My "blogspot" address will still work. It will forward you directly to my new address. Same great look - brand new location.


  1. Congrats! Nothing like having a .com!

  2. Okay I just took the plunge and did it.........but my followers are gone
    :( hopefully it's just a glitch.

  3. Hi Laura! I am visiting from Decor and Harmony blog. I got a .com a few months back just to "save" the name and keep someone else from getting it but I have not done anything with it. I guess I need to follow that link that you put in your post to research the options I have with it. So congrats on YOUR!

  4. now this is serious... and fancy! way to go!