Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Whimsical Makeover: The Scary Cabinet Edition

So...I know a guy...

No, seriously, I know a guy who likes to buy furniture but not really do anything with it. He had done flea markets in the past but doesn't have much interest anymore. He just can't give up the shopping. 

Can you blame him? I currently have 3 dressers painted and 4 unpainted. If I find a dresser tomorrow for a good deal, I am totally buying it. Can't pass it up!

Anyway... here is a cabinet that he picked up for me:
 It was dusty and dirty. It had creepy and crawlies. It even had a wasp's nest. I had to shower immediately after I was done prepping this cabinet. It was well worth it because I loved how it turned out!

 I used a combination of ASCP Antibes and Old Ochre. I followed it with clear wax and a heavy coat of dark wax.
I also stripped the top, restained it and added new trim. 

My wonderful husband outfitted this piece with brand new cedar shelves. It smelled amazing.

I love dry brushing and combining colors. This is definitely a technique I will do again. 

Someone loved this piece like I did and it went home with them Friday night. I am glad it sold but it was tough to part with. 

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  1. an awesome piece. i know the young man who bought that. it will have a wonderful home.

  2. great piece nice job on the paint


  4. love the fun green and the weathered look!

  5. Wow...this turned out awesome. I too have been "playing" with the ASCP and wax...there are lots of possibilities. These colors look great together...perfectly worn!

  6. What a great transformation!!! Love it! Coming over from the Ruffled Nest kinky party to say Hi! - tracie

  7. I just love what you did with it! And having to showering after prepping it made me chuckle ...



  8. Well Congrats on a speedy turn over. I love the green paint job I can see why someone had to have it. Dropping by for the first time, drop by for a visit. Kathy

  9. What a great piece! Love the color!