Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I did a little bit of shopping...

I feel like that title could be on all of my posts. 

So, I did a little bit of shopping this weekend down at 3 French Hens Market in Morris. I also wandered about in Elburn yesterday too. Most of the items I purchased are for me. One item, sadly, it at the shop right now.
Here are my purchases:

1. First is my new ironstone platter purchased at the market. It makes me want to have a fancy party and put fancy cookies on it.
It sure looks pretty with that display.

2. An amazing wooden box for sewing machine parts.

It matches the one my mom just gave to me!

3. A cute sewing machine cabinet drawer.
It will be perfect when I finally have some flowers to put in there.

3. My amazing new chair. This will pop up in another blog on Friday. Stay tuned...

I purchased this chair at Amazing Grace Antiques in Elburn. I love the detail and the wood is in amazing condition. The seat is scary. There might be horse hair in the stuffing. Yikes! I am cutting a new seat for it TODAY!

4. Last but not least...THE PIE SAFE!
This amazing piece of furniture is at Carter's Cottage just waiting to go home with someone. Sadly, I don't have room for it because my new (old) piano is coming today!!! :) If you haven't taken a trip to the shop lately, I would suggest stopping by. Christie has revamped the whole place and it looks amazing! Remember it is closed on Tuesdays but I will be there on Wednesday.

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  1. Great Shopping, you must feel very proud, wish I could find goodies like that... enjoy them.