Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Look What I Found In My Garage!

We moved into our house in December and until yesterday, we had been unable to park in our garage. It was FILLED with my stuff. Painted Furniture...Boxes....Sandpaper. You know the drill. 

Well, summer has officially started in the Whimsical Perspective household and I am excited to start crafting and painting. However, I couldn't do it without tackling the garage first. But what an overwhelming project. I felt like a hoarder. I didn't know where to start. My husband is too busy with his own real business to help. ;)

So, I hired a young man to come and help me. He is the son of a friend and he is going to be a sophomore in high school next year. I knew he was strong and a good kid. 

Yesterday morning I picked up Travis and as we drove to my house, I explained our task.  I was overwhelmed but he didn't seem phased. His mom does furniture too so he knew the routine.

We worked hard for about 6 hours and in that 6 hours, I couldn't have been more impressed with Travis's maturity and work ethic. He would say things like:
"Laura, that won't work. Let's try this instead."
"We need to keep going."

As a teacher, I know that is it rare to find a teenager that is that respectful and comfortable with adults. I am impressed.

Anyway...this is what we did:
Look at the lovely pieces I found just waiting for me in my garage:

I am going to tackle the first dresser this week. It needs some gluing and securing but then it should be ready to paint. I am very excited about my newly found projects and my garage that I can actually walk in!

Thanks Travis! 

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  1. Oh my word, I wish mine looked that good. We are in the process of cleaning, what a mess. Yours looks fabulous and Travis sound incredible. Sure wish I could borrow him. Hugs, Marty

  2. love love the dressers. Now I can remember the days when I called Jason come here I need some help...alas they grow-up go on to the Marines*8yrs then school find a great gal marry,and now grands...Roman and Britton will grow up and they can help Grandma Kat...back to your Dressers I want each one to play with. But the first one look at my blog
    she is saying I just found my sister....and what are u going to do with the wardrobe so it sell...everyone at our store of Moore&Garrett in Tx. has sat.
    They all are sad no one has taken them home,each one pretty,shabby chic painted pretty and rich english or french bones..look at my blog on english...she is so awsome but as of yet has not sold...I have a runt who needs work and I am trying to think what paint treatment can I do so she runs out the door....Like the sister dresser I painted and you have the other.....Happy Painting and High 5 to Travis

  3. Love all the pieces. So nice you have such a big area to store them. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. You make me ashamed of my garage lol I can barely move in mine and I need to do this. Thanks for the inspiration, the garage looks great and I love the dressers. Travis sounds like a great kid

  5. From experience, I know what a job that must have been! WOW! Looks terrific...have fun working in your nice new space!

  6. Wowee, thats some great funriture in there! Now you can see what you have and start remaking those pretty pieces! Great job. (my garage is your before.. :( )

  7. Oh wow!! My garage is truly a scary place right now as well. Know what? Good for you on realizing you needed help and allowed yourself to get just that! Sometimes we suffer in silence for too long and it moves us backwards. Now you have a wonderful workspace and you'll be so much more productive!

    Go you!!


  8. I can't believe you had no idea those pieces
    were in there.. as messy as I am I know
    Great finds and have fun with the redoooos!

  9. Those are some amazing dressers! Isn't funny how long we let something go & then how much we enjoy it when it's all organized. How fun for you to get to start working on all those projects.