Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Husband Did it Again: The Patio Edition

If you follow my blog regularly, you have become aware that my husband is not only handy but has an incredible eye for style and structure. This new project is no different.

He spend the winter months rehabbing the interior of our new (old) house. 

He started in the Kitchen.

Then, moved to the Foyer.

Finally, to the Built-ins.

Now that it is nice outside, he has decided to take his talents to the outdoors.

He began with our curb appeal.

This was our house in December. It is a large box with some crazy bushes next to the porch. We also have a beautiful amount of bushes that line our sidewalk and the side of the house.

The beautiful bushes all stayed. They crazy ones had to go.
So he removed them and began building.

Jason making sure things are level.

Ron (my husband) and his friend Charlie. They like cutting stuff with loud tools.

It is starting to resemble something.

Truck-fulls of gravel, sand and patio bricks.
They worked hard in the heat and the sun but it was well worth it.
 A rustic wagon soon to be filled with cascading flowers.

 The perfect spot to sit for a glass of wine on a warm summer night.
 Tall grasses soon to become a barrier for our mini-garden.
A sad looking mini-garden soon to be filled with many edible treats.

In the midst of all of the men, power tools, loud noises and the ocassional beer...we were visited by a neighborhood friend.

Mama bunny thought our front yard during construction was the perfect place to raise her children. We must agree. It is so fun watching her come late at night to check on them. :)

I hope you enjoyed my husband's newest project.  And yes, just in case you were wondering, he is available for hire. :) He owns a company called DB Works. They do landscaping, lawn care, snow removal and some home construction projects.

Photo Update: 
Here is a picture of our front yard once all of the plants matured:


  1. WOW can he come over and do our patio too! Seriously we have been here six years now and have nothing,zilch,nadda.It looks amazing!!!! Love this idea instead of a slab of concrete.This is going into my inspiration file!Let's see if we can pull this off as well as you all did.Enjoy your beautiful new patio!

  2. There you go! Rent him could make serious money around here! Our husbands are old and lazy now. ;)
    We need help!
    Enjoy your hubby and his fine work. It looks great.

  3. I could sure use your husband's landscaping/construction skills at our house. You must be very proud!

    Now, in recognition of your inspirational and, well, whimsical blog, I've awarded you a Sunshine Award. Congratulations!

    You can learn more about it at my blog


  4. The patio looks great. High five to hubby. Oh, btw, we had a momma bunny do the same thing in our front yard. They are super cute.

  5. I think your Hubby deserve a Shout out...Tall grasses will look great as a back drop. Some ground cover at the very front will me marvby...your wheelbarrow I love and a old pallet with some signs ...of words that part of your believes ...or something fun like Mash pole with destination of places you want to go...and how many miles..I did this in one of our rock gardens,that has plants mixed in...ex. Dublin Ireland and miles posted...
    Fun and then gives you a little height and a fun conversation with your neighbors...

  6. Oh, how wonderful this looks. You have a very handy hubby. What a sweet little baby bunny!
    Have a happy 4th of July.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Wow! That is fabulous :) and the baby bunny is sooo cute.

  8. Oh my are so blessed to have such an incredible husband. And that patio is amazing. Is the patio part blocks that are place together? Thanks for inspiring me today!


  9. Your new patio looks great. Thank god for great hubby's who help us realize our vision/dreams!

  10. It is really a perfect spot to sit with while having a cup of coffee and enjoying the view as well.

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