Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Proud Piano Owner: Warning! Photo Heavy

Ron and I are now the proud owners of a new (old) piano!!!  I have wanted a piano for years but our old house didn't have room. When we moved to our new (old) house, we started looking immediately for a piano. Through friends, I hooked up with a family that is moving and needed this piano moved out of their house.

So...I said we would do it and take the piano. 

The only problem with that is actually moving the piano into our house. My poor husband and his friends. Holy cow did that look tricky. 

It doesn't fit through the front door...or the garage door. How about the back deck? Right next to the pool? Sure, sounds easy. ;)

You will notice that I am surprisingly missing in these photos. My arms go all boneless when it is time to move stuff. I am a better photographer. ;)

Here is their journey:

Off the trailer! Now down the side yard, through the fence, around the backyard, avoid the pool, up the stairs, across the deck, up more stairs, across the sunroom and finally into the temporary piano home. Easy!

Not just muscle, He's a musician too!

Thank you Ron, Charlie, Klint and Darin!

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  1. Looks like alot of work, but well worth it. The piano is gorgeous.