Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Rainy Day Re-do: The Little Things Edition

Welcome to a new blog series that I call "Rainy Day Re-Do".  
On the days when I can't be outside, I will be changing something around or starting a new project in the house. I was hoping to be much more productive so far this summer but my fellow Illinoisans know that we haven't had much rain yet.

Well, it drizzled today so I accomplished my first "Rainy Day Re-do"

My Little Things: Before
Decorating with "stuff" is new to me. Our old house was so small that we didn't accumulate stuff. Now I can't get enough! :) However, all of my built-ins were looking a bit unsettled. 

I took some time (2 hours total) to take everything down and put it all back up again. I put it all on the floor where I could see it.
It was really hard to believe that I had this much stuff.

The Little Things: After

The Living Room

The Adjoining Dining Room

The Foyer

The Foyer
If we ever have a rainy day again, I will be updating my kitchen decoration and giving you and update on my Annie Sloan Painted Kitchen.


  1. This looks really, REALLY good! I love your decorating style!

  2. Everything looks great. You have inspired me to do that to my bookshelves.
    Thanks so much for joining Friday Pretties!

  3. Wow ... I had forgotten about how many, many, many built ins and shelves and display areas you have in your house! No wonder stuff has been accumulating ...

    It really looks so much better! Yay for a little rain in IL. My sprinkler has been getting quite the work out so far this year ...



  4. oh wow just love all your alcoves & bookcases built wonderful! I am crazy for mirrors in bookcases and you have inspired me to show mine! thanks for all the blue touches!

  5. How lucky that you have so many built-ins! They look lovely and must be so FUN to decorate during the christmas holidays!!