Monday, June 4, 2012

Shop Whimsical Perspective

I have had many people inquire about my new items that will be at All Things Art Studio in Geneva. I am excited to spread out a bit and hopefully reach some new buyers. If you are interested in shopping my items, there are a few ways to do this.

1. Carter's Cottage in Dekalb Illinois - This shop is the one that gets the majority of my items. If you are looking for furniture, this is definitely the place to go. A few other talented ladies also help keep the shop stocked with furniture pieces.
2. All Things Art Studio in Geneva Illinois - This will be a place where I can specifically just showcase a few great pieces. I will have small tables, chairs and other small furniture pieces. This is not a full on "space" but an alternative way to get some furniture to new buyers. Erin, the owner of All Things Art Studio, is an amazing art teacher with a special knack for working with smaller children. I will be heading out there this week to drop off a few things and take some pictures. I will post soon. If you are taking a class, make sure you check out the furniture in the hall. ;)

3. Etsy - My ETSY store is where I will list all of my available pieces. I will also say where they are located for easy viewing. I have been working hard to keep it updated. Now that school is out, I will be finishing the inventory. I am listing 3 more pieces tomorrow. Check back often.

4. View my unpainted and available pieces at my Facebook Page.
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Thank you for showing so much interest over the past few days!


  1. Your shop looks fantastic and so does your Etsy shop. Well done!

  2. both your shop and Etsy are amazinnnnng. The red hutch love.You get it with Duck Egg,on the table such a fun color. Your prices are so good and wish in my location I could get the same...with all the work I do on a piece.But what I love the most is how you talk about a piece as if it had it's own personality. Going to have to check you out more often.
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