Monday, July 2, 2012

Just a bit of Red, White and Blue - Cabinet Door Re-do

I am anxious to start decorating our house for the holidays. We moved in after Christmas so July 4th is our first chance.

I am not a huge July 4th decorator but I couldn't pass up the chance to paint something Red, White and Blue

If I wanted to be technical...I painted in ASCP Primer Red, Old White and Napoleonic Blue. ;)

This little project started with our ugly old built-ins.

Do you remember when they looked like this?
Dark, Dated and Unattractive. husband fixed that:
He removed the doors, lined each cubby in bead-board to add texture and covered everything in a beautiful shade of crisp white.

It is amazing.

During the remodeling process, he asked me if I wanted to keep the cabinet doors. Of course I said yes. I can help but hold on to everything.

So, what to do, what to do, with a large stack of old and ugly cabinet doors?

Paint flags of course!

 I grabbed some of all shapes and sizes and began painting.
I chose to do an abstract version because of the look of the cabinet doors.

I took most of them to the shop and kept to matching ones for myself.
I hung them on our front porch and they look lovely! 
Thanks for checking in on me. :)


  1. Love these!! The colors work so wonderfully together on this.

  2. Your husband's so talented! The work you've done is georgous:)

  3. This is Melissa @ Love the built-ins! Your husband did a fantastic job with those! And, I love the flags you painted. I have some old doors in my garage right now left over from some built-ins that we recently had removed. I think I know just the project for one of them now! Following you through "linky!"

  4. Looks so good! So creative with the flags!

  5. Well aren't you clever? So cute! Next time I see someone's cabinet in the dumpster pile I am digging it out and painting a flag!

  6. love these,yur a girl after my own heart...last year we redid our kitchen and I kept alot of the cabinet doors...I started painting them and the inset section became a chalkboard.....Loving your doors.....I did a Texas from some old pallet your abstract vision on TX flag...