Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet Graphite: My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Review

 Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new blog series dedicated to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.

Here is my disclaimer:
I am not an official Annie Sloan Stockist. I work and sell at a store that carries the paint and I LOVE painting with it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

I tried another new color this week - Graphite. I had stayed away from this color for over a year because I didn't think I could "do Graphite". I am not sure why I thought that. Two of my very good friends use it often and their pieces are jaw dropping. So thanks to the help of a customer, I bought a can and starting painting.

Here is my Color Review:
Graphite with Dark Wax

Graphite with Dark Wax
Graphite with Clear and Dark Wax

Graphite with Clear and Dark Wax

Stool on left - Graphite without Dark Wax

Color and Wax: Graphite with Clear and Dark Wax

Coverage: Good - Medium  - Similar to Old White. Both desk and stool took took coats not to look too streaky. 

Great Pairings: This would be beautiful with Old Ochre, Antibes, Barcelona, Duck Egg... 

Would I use this again?: Yes

Final Thoughts: This one was interesting. It goes on well but is very grey (as Annie says it is) when dry. It is a nice grey but a bit modern for me straight out of the can. However, I enjoyed the straight form on that little stool. It was fun. 
I fell in love with it when I added the Dark Wax to the desk. I put it straight on top of the paint and laid it on pretty heavy. No clear wax involved. 
This is a color that seems to come alive with dark wax.
All in all, something to add to my collection.

FYI...I purchase my Chalk Paint from Carter's Cottage. :)


  1. I agree - without the dark wax, I found graphite to be a little boring. With the dark wax, it takes on a great personality.


  2. Just stopping by to tell you I love your blog! I am passing on to you the Versatile Blogger Award. For details go to my blog @ Congratulations!

  3. Good to know about the dark wax right on top. I just bought Graphite and knew it was going to be a little gray...but it's pretty gray. I will add dark wax on my next project! Thanks for your 2 cents.

  4. Is it sealed well enough with just dark wax?

  5. Did you do all those pieces with just one can??