Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet Pure White: My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Review

  Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new blog series dedicated to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.

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Here is my disclaimer:

I am not an official Annie Sloan Stockist. I work and sell at a store that carries the paint and I LOVE painting with it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

Pure White...where do I start...

I am not normally a person who paints in white. I enjoy layering and colors. 

I do swoon over the all-white rooms in magazines or on Pinterest and I wish I could live in them for a while. Then I look over at my 3 dogs and snap back to reality.

I painted in Pure White as a custom order. It was not on my immediate list of new colors.

I had heard things like:

"Put it in the fridge to thicken it."

"Prime with Old White."

"It is water thin." is my review:
Pure White with Clear Wax

Color: Pure White

Coverage: Fair to Good: It is MUCH better than I was anticipating. It is definitely a 2 coater on most pieces. I did not prime this piece. I shellaced it to seal it but this is 2 coats over a dark wood. I am interested in trying it on a piece that is a little more natural than this one. It could be even more fantastic on untouched wood. It covers similarly to Antibes.

Great Pairings: Oh, I would love to use it with Paris Grey and heavily distressed! It will also look great with Coco, Paloma, Duck Egg and French Linen. I have also seen it as a wash and it was lovely.

Would I use this again?: Yes but sparingly. Because of my style, I probably won't use it on a large piece again. However I will use it as an accent, a wash or with a stencil.

Clear or Dark: Clear but I am interested in seeing it with a dark wax. That might make it more my style.

Final Thoughts: This is absolutely a trickier color to use. Is it impossible? No. Would I recommend it as someone's first ASCP purchase? No. Does it achieve that Shabby look? Yes! It is a lovely color.

I would shellac your piece really well before painting. It will save you some heartache. I would also use 2 (or 3) thinner coats instead of a thick coat. My first coat was too thick and it crackled a bit.

Here is a glimpse of what other's have done with Pure White.

I love this pairing! Look at how the detail pops!
Artist: Jennifer at Town and Country Living

Passion for Decor is a new blog that I came across and I am so glad I did! Love her stuff!
 Artist: Melody at My Passion for Decor

 I really hope this review helps you in choosing the right paint color for you.

 Thanks for stopping in. :)

FYI...I purchase my Chalk Paint from Carter's Cottage. :)


  1. I was really brave I used pure white on my kitchen cabinets! I wish I would have thinned it down a bit for easier use.But I did not want it too shabby.I wanted it to cover pretty good because I have dark cabinets.I have white walls that are very similar to old white.So I wanted some color distinction between my walls and the cabinets.I really love the white.But not sure about it on my island.I may repaint the side due to people putting there feet on the sides of this when sitting on it.I was thinking of using graphite.
    Your piece turned out great! I love white.It is a great accent to any color.

  2. I just finished a gigantic hutch in pure white - and some parts took 3 coats! And I found it to be thinner than the other colors for some reason - although I love white furniture and use it a lot -
    Your dresser turned out amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing my dresser! I love the piece you did!! I am like you....when I use Pure White I always use the dark wax because it's more my style. However, I really like yours with just the clear. I do think it's a bit more challenging to use, but still a great paint.

    Thank you again and can't wait to see what you do next!

  4. Thanks for sharing my blanket chest, Laura. I've used Pure White on three pieces now. I can't decide which I like better ... Pure White, or Old White. I like your dresser ... a lot!

  5. Ok now I don't know what to do, I had intended on painting my kitchen table and chairs with pure white. But after reading this post I am hesitant to do it. I have never used the pure white before. I painted the chairs with old white and than decided after getting a few more chairs that I wanted a brighter white. If they are primed with old white do you think it will cover good. Is this a paint you would use on chairs. I have already painted these chairs once I don't want to waste my time painting them again. I was thinking of using a sprayer, do you think it would work good in a sprayer, sounds like I might have to water it down.
    let me know what you think. thanks Tobey

  6. I haven't tried the pure White yet. From what I've seen, it doesn't disappoint. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Wow Us Wed. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. It turned out great! I love classic designs.

  8. Very pretty and thanks for the hints!

  9. I love AS chalk paint, I have Emperor's Silk, Paris Grey and Pure White and I adore them all. I like the crispness of the pure white and I needed 2 coats OVER Kilz Oil Primer with some touch ups, but this was over really dark stain from the 30's.

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