Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet Cream - My ASCP Color Review Page

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new blog series dedicated to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.

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Here is my disclaimer:

I am not an official Annie Sloan Stockist. I work and sell at a store that carries the paint and I LOVE painting with it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

Cream is a color that surprised me. I purchased it on a day when I was really wanting something new and out of my comfort zone. I really like the ASCP Blues and Neutrals but hadn't ventured to Cream yet. Needless to say, this is the can than came home with me in April.

Oh my...was I surprised at how much I loved the color!  My photo's today are a bit tricky to tell but I can help you through...walk over to your fridge and grab your tub of butter. 

Good, now open it.

Yep, that is the color of Cream.

It is just like a happy tub of butter.

Here is my most current project:

Cream dry brushed with French Linen - Clear Wax and Heavy Dark Wax

Color: Cream

Coverage: Good to Excellent - Covers similarly to Old White or Coco. All of these pieces are using 1 coat to cover.

Great Pairings: This color looks fantastic with Paris Grey, French Linen, the purples, Aubusson, Primer Red...

Would I use this again?: Yes. The color goes beautifully with the paint colors in my home. I will continue to do "shop" projects in this color but also ones for my home.

Clear or Dark: Both. It is a lovely color with Clear but beautifully rustic with Dark.

Final Thoughts:
Because of my style, I tend to like to "mess" with this color. If I use it straight, I distress it heavily. I LOVE to layer with it. I love how it turned out on this coffee table. Rough and Rustic. However, my favorite piece to date has this color layered underneath Primer Red.

I am very happy with this color. Grey and Yellow are so popular right now. This is a great purchasing choice.

Here are a few of my other Cream projects:

Kitchen Shelf Box - Cream. Top Cabinets - Old Ochre

Antique Mirror - Cream
My Cream Dresser - Clear Wax

My Primer Red Stepback - Cream Accent - Clear and Dark Wax

I really hope this review helps you in choosing the right paint color for you.

I am working hard to get though the paint colors as quickly as a can without overwhelming everyone. Is there a particular color that anyone would like to see sooner that others?

 Thanks for stopping in. :)

FYI...I purchase my Chalk Paint from Carter's Cottage. :)

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  1. I love Cream, it's a very happy color I think! I just did a dresser in Cream and Florence and I love how well they paired together! Thanks for sharing... - Susan

  2. Love this color! Your table looks great too!

  3. Very nice. I will have to put that on my ASCP wish list!
    Rachel @ remastered Relics

  4. very nice!! I haven't seen this color yet, I will have to be on the lookout at my usual haunt. It really looks great against the red hutch. Saw your post at Wow Us Wednesdays!

  5. Wow...everything you have painted looks so nice. I will have to get myself some of that paint. :)