Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet Old Ochre: My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Review

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new blog series dedicated to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.

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Here is my disclaimer:

I am not an official Annie Sloan Stockist. I work and sell at a store that carries the paint and I LOVE painting with it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

Old Ochre is another one of those colors that I always keep in stock. When Old White is too bright, this is my paint of choice. 

I have used it a lot.

Join me in my Old Ochre Journey:

My First Old Ochre Piece - One Coat Coverage

Old Ochre with Louis Blue - 2 Coat Coverage

As an accent with Coco - 2 Coat Coverage

My upper kitchen Cabinets

My Newest - 1 coat coverage
 Color: Old Ochre

Coverage: Good to Excellent - Covers similarly to Old White or Coco. Normally, I have only needed 1 coat with a few touch ups.

before - dark orange stain

1 coat - no primer, no shellac - amazing

Great Pairings: This color is amazing with Coco, French Linen, Napoleonic Blue,
Old White...
Would I use this again?: Yes. This is a great basic to have.

Clear or Dark: Normally, I use this with just clear. However, my latest with dark wax is my new love. I can safely say that I love this with both waxes.

Final Thoughts: Old Ochre is very easy to use and it matches most decors nicely. Interesting though...
it looks a bit different on every piece we paint it on. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. On some things it can feel a bit buttery, on others it can have a very subtle rosy tone to it. Strange but lovely.

I really hope this review helps you in choosing the right paint color for you.

I am working hard to get though the paint colors as quickly as a can without overwhelming everyone. Is there a particular color that anyone would like to see sooner that others?

 Thanks for stopping in. :)

FYI...I purchase my Chalk Paint from Carter's Cottage. :)
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  1. Hi there,
    Just discovered your blog and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! I just got into using ASCP recently and am looking to start my own biz painting furniture out here in Southern California. Thanks for sharing your success and keep up the good work! :D Pam

  2. Love this little table. I have honestly only used the Old Ochre once on a farm table for a client. You just made me want to use it again. I love the Louis Blue with the Old Ochre on top dresser you did! As always I love your stuff and I think we are kindred furniture spirits :-)


  3. Just gorgeous! Love all your creative ideas!

  4. love and with the many colors I have used...this is one I have yet to use. Your work is wonderful,and you have talked me into this color....I have you on my sidebar....a go to for inspirations...curious to see what you would do with the shades of lavender's

  5. Old Ochre is one of my favorites, too, right behind Old White. You're right, it is perfect for when Old White might be too bright. I've used it on a couple of pieces in my own home ~ a hall tree that is just all Old Ochre and then recently on a small accent table with Coco. I love your side table with the Coco and Old Ochre. It's just stunning!