Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spaces in our House: The Husband Edition

About a week ago, I wrote about some of my favorite tiny spaces in my home.

My husband read the post....

Walked around the house....

and frowned.

"Those are not my favorite spaces," he said.

"I know, they are mine," I said.

"Not fair," he said.

"Get your own blog", I said.

He is not really into the "blog" scene but loves the rest of it. So I thought I would be nice and post about his favorite things.

I grabbed the camera and began to follow him around the house. Here is what he picked (brace yourselves):

Dried hydrangeas in a very rustic box. It is one of my favorites too.

His new lamp from a really great antique store. He was so excited.

Our Ball Jar Collection - Just the half of it.

The clown. We won it at a benefit. It is currently above our fire place. Ugg!

The pool.

The old map of Sycamore that came with the house.
Thanks for taking the journey into Ron's mind. I truly hope that you continue to follow my blog. ;)


  1. Hey, listen...not EVERYONE has a map of Sycamore! Heck, not everyone even knows where that IS! I actually lived there for a minute (3 mos) one summer, long ago, before I moved to suburgatory. The guy's got GREAT taste...he chose you! xo, Kimberly

  2. LOL funny post.It is nice to get a man's perspective.Hmmm I wonder what my husband would say.

  3. i like that your husband has favorite spots/things and that you shared...thxs!!