Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Soft Reveal: My Dining Room

Welcome to the Soft Reveal of my dining room. :) I am not quite ready for its official reveal yet. There are still some obstacles to overcome.

You have already seen some of my dining room. It houses these built-ins.

This is what the other side of the room looked like when we moved in.
Dark. Lace. Dated.

We painted the walls.
We removed the lace.
We hung a new chandelier.

Now it is a much happier space.

 Things I love about this room:
1. Dining table set - a gift from my parents.
2. The natural light.
3. Open feeling of the room.

1. I can't find just the right curtains.
2. I want to make really cool wall art and can't find the time.
3. Ugly, ugly air conditioner.
4. Carpet grosses me out.

 Solutions to the Obstacles:
1. Possibly make my own curtains. Yikes
2. Get organized and just do it.
3. No clue
4. Wait patiently until the wood floors are put in around Christmas.

Meanwhile, I have filled this room with things I love.
Photo of my family at my sister's wedding. She sure is pretty. :)

Faux table runner using my ironstone platters. I love old jars and bottles.

Glass pitchers. A gift from my grandparents.

Gate Leg Table

Amazing new light.
I hope you liked it. Just wait until our Grand Reveal this winter. :)

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  1. Looking pretty grand already! So nice and bright too! Can't wait for the total reveal!

  2. I would add a window seat! You clearly have enough room for it and the fabric cover and pillows would add nice color and maybe even take your eye away from the a/c. Here's a good pic example, but I found lots on Pinterest; one even suggested using old kitchen cabinets beneath....

  3. Your dining set is lovely and what a wonderful gift. The accessories really make your room, so don't worry too much about the air conditioner. I sew my own curtains, but I have seen great rooms done with shower curtains. In fact, our simple white linen curtains in our family room and kitchen are actually linen tablecloths. Hem and done (but allow for lots of shrinkage.)

  4. Isn't it amazing what a painting and removing the curtains can do? I just painted our den and took down the dark curtains and I can't believe how bright the room is now! Your dining room looks great. And don't worry about the air conditioner, I'm staring at one ugly one right now, and I have 3 more. I don't know where you live, but even up north in New Hampshire, I can't live without my air conditioners for the 2 short months we need them.


  5. Laura, I'm thinkin' the soft reveal looks pretty good! Love the wall color you chose. The dining set is gorgeous and I love your family photo. The sunflowers remind me of my daughter's wedding. The windows ... I kind of like them bare. :)

  6. Laura, this space looks amazing! I already have some serious bookshelf envy .. and now I can envy the other side of the room too!



  7. Very pretty! I love the items you've used as a runner. What a unique idea!!