Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Beautification Continues... The Fall Mantel

We are continuing to make both major and minor home improvements to our new (old) house.

While my husband is working on the room, bedrooms, back porch, curb appeal...

I am working on the minor.

Here is a minor decorating change:

The Early Fall Mantel

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay tuned for our Curb Appeal Progression.


  1. Love the chippy door/window with the cool "B". Looks great! Dee from My Painted Stuff

  2. Ok, how did you do that 'B' so big? Our last name starts with B and I have a couple smaller ones, but yours! Great job, love the old door done this way. And have to say, this is the first time I have ever seen ragweed used in floral arrangements, and it looks fabulous! I have a lot in the back 40 (what I call the back of the property) and I will be trying some in my decor. The whole vignette looks wonderful
    Debbie :)

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