Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Journey to Curb Appeal

We love everything about our house. The character is fantastic. The rooms are the perfect size. Even the doorknobs are pretty.

However, our curb appeal was lacking.

As soon as the weather started to cooperate this summer, my husband got right to work.

The day we moved in:

The large, overgrown bushes were nearing the end of their life. When we were sitting on the beautiful porch, we couldn't see out onto out street. They had to go!

 So they did!
In June and July, my husband and his crew worked tirelessly to begin the front yard transformation.

When they finished, is was beautiful but we were not quite finished with our vision.
We needed plants and character. 

So after a month or so of prepping, planting and is what we have:
We now have a place to gather with our neighbors, a garden that is producing more vegetables than I can eat, a way to hide our garbage cans and plants that seem to like their new home.
I was even able to score this great vintage porch railing from my parents. They are going for a new look and I was happy to take their old one.

Now that the weather is turning cooler, my husband is taking his talents back to the interior of the house. 

On the fall list:
Living Room Redo - New floors, Remodel, New Decor
Dining Room - New Floors
Back Porch - Paint, New Decor
Kitchen - New Paint Color (I know, I just painted it)

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  1. You did a great job!Looks beautiful! Love that seating area too!

  2. Wow, that house is a beauty, and you certainly are giving it a great new life. I'd love to see what comes of the changes inside too. Good work!

  3. Looks great and I love the idea of a sitting area out front. Reminds me of the big old front porches. I would love to see a window box on that sweet upper front window overflowing with posys. Get your hubby to make one for you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~