Thursday, September 13, 2012

Toft Touch Soaps - New Whimsical Picks of the Month

As you know, I have joined up with my friend Donna to offer some of her amazing Toft Touch Soaps online. I am blessed to be in the position where I can not only help friends but promote amazing products as well.

You can visit my full offering on my Etsy Page.

Here are my Whimsical Picks of the Month:

Cedarwood Cinnamon: An amazing manly and natural scent. If you want something subtle and earthy, this is the one to go. It was voted a winner by both my husband and father. It is also my new obsession. Not girly just great.
 Spiced Apple: The perfect fall scent. It smells like Apple Cider cooking on the stove top. Just place it in your bathroom and wait for the scent to fill your house. Never overwhelming, just amazing.
Tea Tree - This one I swear by. I use it on my face and am so pleased with the results. My skin is clear and soft.  I have completely stopped using face soaps that are absolutely chemical based and switched to this soap. I have used it exclusively for over a year now and couldn't be happier.

To save on shipping I recommend going with my 3 soap option. The combinations also smell amazing in your house. :)

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