Saturday, October 13, 2012

A philosophy about....mittens?

I have said it before...

It is important to me to buy local and from people like me. 

I want to buy from someone who struggles to fit everything into their day because they love what they do.

I want to buy from someone who has a passion and specialty.

This is important when I shop for my business. 

I am a full time teacher. During the school year, I do the best I can to keep up with Whimsical Perspective but school it my top priority. I think I am doing pretty well at managing both but I have to know when I need help.

I need help. :)

During the school year, I simply can't find or make everything I need to supply my space at Carter's Cottage, Na-Da, and the Flea Market. I don't have the time. I tried to get as much done as I could this summer but I will never be completely prepared.

I sat down and thought about how I could figure this out. Ordering from a catalog was out of the question. So I thought about the things I love. 

Then I remembered a gift I had gotten for my birthday last year. 

The warmest and cutest mittens I had ever owned.  The gift giver informed me that she bought them from a neighbor. I didn't think much about it but I wore those mittens EVERYDAY last winter. They are perfect!

So I took a shot in the dark and called the maker of the mittens. I told her what I do and my dilemma. I asked her if she would consider making a bunch of mittens just for me. 
She agreed and now I am in business! I am so excited to be bringing these mittens to The Na-Da farms event and to Carter's Cottage.
First, I need to decide which pair I am going to keep. :)


  1. Those mittens are adorable! I can see why you're excited to add them to your shop. I'll keep an eye out for them next time I'm in!

  2. What a great idea, asking for suppliers to fill your shop! And such an awesome product! You will sell out very fast, they are wonderful and look soooo warm.
    Debbie :)

  3. OK see you proved you are a teacher,always thinking...and planning and making to do list....My Hubby is in Education...I think this is really special!! and so glad she found you and you her...

  4. Love these and definitely a pair at the sale! See you soon!!!