Saturday, October 6, 2012

Whimsical Perspective is heading to Na-Da!

Things have been very busy in the Whimsical Household for the last few weeks. I have been painting, crafting and treasure hunting for the Na-Da Farms October Event.

This will be my 3rd trip to Na-Da and I couldn't be more thrilled about returning.  I will be joined by my friends Christie Carter of Carter's Cottage and Rachel Polly of My Vintage Verve.  Our friend, Sherrie of A Ruffled Nest, will be there as well.

Here are a few photos of our last trip to the farm:
 We were one of the many indoor vendors. This time, we have doubled our space!
There were amazing outdoor vendors as well.

Here is a glimpse of what I will be bringing with me:

Furniture and Smalls
 Handmade Home Decor
 Recycled Sweater mittens made by a friend especially for this event.
 Benches...Lot and Lots of Benches. I might have started a collection. :)
 Unique furniture pieces


  1. Don't know yet if I'll be there. Doesn't it get dark before closing on Friday? Is there outdoor lighting?

  2. I know I won't be there, but would you be willing to share how you made the flower out of music? I am pretty well home-bound most of the time because I take care of a lady with Alzheimer's, so I like to make pretty things for the house to keep myself from getting cabin fever too badly.thanks.

    Rita at

  3. Everything looks great! I might need to purchase some of those adoaable mittens befoe the sale!


  4. Good luck at the market. It looks like such fun!

  5. Thanks for sharing these pictures! The mittens from old sweaters are def my fav. Love your blog....visiting from Carter's Cottage. -Angela @ Mrs. White Twig & Tea

  6. Beautiful pieces you've created for this event--I really like the table in the last photo in particular--it's lovely. Have a wonderful time--wish I could be there, but live many states away!

  7. I live in AZ, so I won't be coming. Unfortunately, I would love to come. I love your furniture and your smalls. Luv Luv Luv the table in the last picture and the sheet music flower. Do you have a tutorial for that? I don't know if I'd actually try it, I kinda stink at paper crafts like that, but yours is beautiful. Have Fun. Wish I was there.